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Bathtub Refinishing Training

Learn to refinish & repair porcelain, fiberglass, & acrylic tubs plus tiles, sinks, counters, & more. All at home!

Looking for bathtub refinishing training?

You've found the best source for it. Now you can take the first step toward owning your own profitable business and being financially independent.

You can be successful, be your own boss and be independent as a professional expert in bathtub refinishing and repair. This is one of the most profitable and in demand home based businesses available today.

You'll get all the technical training and business development guidance you need from my training program to be able to start your own successful bathtub refinishing and repair business.

Learn to use the system professionals prefer

About half of my programs are purchased by tub refinishing professionals who are not satisfied with the results of the methods and materials they've been using. In other words, the training they paid a lot of money for and the materials they must buy as a franchisee, dealership, or licensee just aren't working for them.

They've learned the hard way that they really aren't independent if they can't control the quality and cost of their materials. They've learned the value of being free to choose their suppliers and of starting out using the best systems in the industry.

Since 1992 I've specialized in providing the industry's most comprehensive technical training for the refinishing and repair of:

Be truly independent

You will not be obligated to any one for anything. You'll learn multiple sources for your supplies, many will be available locally, so you choose where you get the best value for your dollar. You'll have no obligations of any kind to a:

You'll be truly independent!

Use a fail‑safe system

The systems I developed are clearly superior to any others you'll find at any price. Tubs refinished with this system withstand the test of time. I'm not aware of any tub refinished using my system that needed re‑refinished because of finish failure. Not 1 tub that my company refinished using this system has needed re‑refinished in more than 30 years!

Here's proof that the primer in my system is the best available. Open edges in the finish, especially around the drain, are notoriously weak because water tends to work its way under open edges breaking the bond between the substrate and surface coating. I applied a custom shaped textured bottom to this tub in 1994. The tub is used daily and the textured bottom looks as good today as it did when I first installed it. And the edge is open all the way around the textured bottom and drain escutcheon.

You can build your business on that dependability and quality.

In 2013, my original company celebrated its 30th anniversary. It's still in operation because of that dependability and quality.

Learn how to build and manage your business

You'll get in‑depth training on how to grow and manage a small office/home office (SOHO) business. A key element of your success is knowing how to start up and manage the unique characteristics of a SOHO‑based tub refinishing and repair business. There's a lot to know about managing a successful business and my program makes it easy for you to learn how it's done the right way.

Start out slow and easy to ensure your success

You can keep your current job until you're making profits part‑time … until you're secure and comfortable with your technical and business management skills. Don't jump into a new business full‑time if you don't have to.

Minimal start‑up costs with no travel expenses for training

Your start‑up costs won't break your bank. In fact, I show you how to save yourself most if not all of the cost of this training program. That means, except for your time, your training is effectively free.

You'll avoid the need to travel for training so you'll save the significant expenses necessary for travel, lodging, and food.

Your training will be in your home right at your fingertips. It'll be available for convenient reference anytime you want to review it. And you will want to review it.

You'll also learn how to get all the hands‑on practice you'll need.

If growth justifies hiring and you decide it'd be a good direction to go for your company and for you then it could be used to train a new employee.

The program will also add value to your company should you ever decide to sell it.

Quickly earn back start‑up costs

You can actually recover more than your start‑up investment by refinishing only 20 tubs! At $275 for a refinished tub, that's $5,500 for 20 jobs. In fact, you'll make a profit of over $1,000 even if you buy more than you need to start up. It's up to you from there. You can't lose.

In fact, if after those first 20 refinishing jobs you don't want to stay in the business, you can sell your equipment and have even more money left over.

That's a solid start even at the maximum cost of around $4,445 for everything you'll need to repair or refinish most anything you'll want to. And that includes the materials to refinish those first 20 tubs.

You will need:

*You'll learn in detail about all of the equipment and supplies you'll need to purchase. In addition you'll get a list of suppliers so you can find the best options for you.

The program

You'll learn everything you need to know with this 14‑hour multi‑media program in DVD and CD format that includes:

Training program including 8 DVDs and 1 CD

Here's a table of contents for the 9 disc set:

Remember, you keep your training at home, you don't leave it behind when you come home with some hastily written notes and a faulty memory.

You can be successful if you learn from the best training program

You, too, can be independent and successful in your business venture just like the others who've purchased my program and used it to attain financial independence. The program is the most comprehensive training opportunity available in the tub refinishing and repair industry. It also provides the most truthful information about the industry you'll find anywhere for any price.


Read copies of the original unsolicited testimonials about my program (PDF 335KB).


I'll happily answer questions you have about this opportunity to succeed and be independent with your bathtub refinishing and repair business.

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