Hot Cars KILL Children & Pets

Save the lives of children and pets in hot cars — raise awareness about hyperthermia with this flyer.

Hi. My name is Lon Waltenberger. I live in western Washington State. The sun doesn't shine much here but cars still get hot enough in summer to injure and/or kill children and pets left in them.

Years ago I started writing notes to people who left their dogs in hot cars. I'd place the notes under windshield wipers and hoped they'd be read and considered. I tried to be nice. Everybody loves their pets. I could only assume that owners who left a pet in a hot car were unaware of the dangers they were putting their beloved animals in.

Over time, it started becoming a larger, more common occurrence. Reports of children dying from being left in hot cars increased. Why? Perhaps it was the improvements in communication and reporting. I don't know. Pet deaths aren't reported. Neither are pet injuries. Or, for that matter, neither are injuries to children that aren't noticed by treating physicians — if the child is taken for medical care.

Frustrated with the time it was taking to handwrite notes, I started looking around for something easier: a small flyer or notice that I could keep in the car to quickly place under a windshield or to leave, for example, in a doctor's office or on a store's bulletin board.

I didn't find anything I liked, so I designed one.

The PDF file is linked below. I've retained all copyrights to it but I've granted reprint or copying and distribution rights to anyone interested in raising awareness about this issue on the condition that they use this file to make copies. It includes the appropriate copyright notice and credits resources used.

I prefer to use laser photo 28lb white stock. This paper stops the content from bleeding through since the pages are printed on both sides of a sheet, it's bright white, and it's heavy enough to withstand a little weather. Color for the front; black and white for the back. They cost about 50 cents each with a 50-page order. When cut, you get 100 flyers.

Alternatively, you can choose a less expensive method: Download the file and copy it 2-sided to plain copy paper in all black and white at work. Take the copies home to cut or use the company cutter if available. I'm not responsible for any trouble you get into with your boss.

Download the PDF file that you can freely print/copy and distribute (PDF 343KB).


I'll happily answer questions about using this file.

Contact me.

My name is Lon Waltenberger. Use my first name @ my domain. My domain is LonWaltenberger followed by dot com.

Sorry for the obfuscation — I hate spam. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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